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Lilly&Gugu is an online store based in a small town, South of Estonia. 

Our purpose is to become a store you turn to when you need a nice gift or birthday present. Birthdays, thank you for dinner gifts, congratulations on your first home present or maybe just a little something for you and your lovely family.

Here we have gathered enthusiast and storytellers, offering playful and inspiring design. Gifts that will give a joy, light up your home, pieces we hope you will use often and will bring a value.

In our store you can set up the wish list for yourself or a gift registry for others to fill in.

In Lilly&Gugu online store, you  will also find a secondhand category. This category has a carefully selected quality second hand clothes and shoes.

Why should you choose secondhand? We think that today, we all have desire to be more kind to the nature and to contribute in some way. Nice things should have many owners. Plus mixing secondhand with the new, gives you and your family a more personal style. 

We also encourage you to choose your gifts from our secondhand selection. In this way, you have both a unique and environmental friendly gift. 

All presents will be wrapped in for you, just give us a hint. Last, but not least – don’t forget a birthday card! We have a nice selection of birthday cards from a lovely Lisa Jones Studio. If you choose a greeting card with our Lilly&Gugu logo, it’s free of charge. 

So, when we meet you here, hopefully you are in the party mood. Planning to give something nice to someone dear or why not, the plan is to receive something you wish for yourself.
Both ways, we hope to see you soon. Be kind and be cool!





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